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All of my recent research into the Holocaust has...well, it's made me question a lot of things. About the unimaginable stupidity of humanity, and the utter brutality that can and will emerge from anyone at even the slightest provocation. But in all my readings, there is one question that I've never really seen asked, or answered.

If anyone reading this today is a Jew (practicing or not), let me ask you a question: How can you--or ANY Jew--possibly believe in a god of any sort after the Holocaust? Hell, how can you believe a god after the Middle Ages, let alone the Holocaust?

I truly don't understand how Jews can continue to believe in a god after he/she/it allowed six million of his/her/its "chosen people" to be brutally murdered for no good reason whatsoever.

Were I of Hebrew descent, I'd be demanding that fickle motherfucker choose someone else. But, more likely, I would've become an atheist even sooner than I did. I distinctly remember talking about the Holocaust in CCD classes at my parish church when I was about eleven, and when I asked the poor lady who was teaching my group the inevitable question, "Why, in God's name, would He allow that to happen?" she could only answer, "Derek, I don't know....You just have to have faith that it somehow fit into God's great plan."

Well, you know what I discovered about God's great plan? God's great plan for my life was to prove for me, once and for all, the lie of religion. I truly cannot believe anybody, Christian, Jew, or even Muslim, Hindu, or Wiccan can believe in any gods in light of the Holocaust.

In fact, I'm going to make this a major theme of my novel--which, by the way, has found a working title: This World is Not This World. It's the title of the preface to the book The Nazi Doctors that I'm currently reading.

Seriously, though: any and all Jewish readers of do you justify the existence of a god in light of the history of your people/religious-group?


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