May. 26th, 2011 08:04 pm
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I now have a Dreamwidth journal, which I shall be using as a more personal platform for blogging, and so forth. Expect everything from music reviews to much-too-informational updates on my lousy health to all manner of tomfoolery and linguistic legerdemain. I've been in a voluble mood lately--perhaps because, being jobless and, indeed, seemingly unhireable anywhere--so followers may find their RSS feeds, "reading" pages, and suchlike swamped with Pegritzian text of a singularly verbose nature.

This is, in essence, quite literally a reboot of my old LiveJournal...uhhh, journal. I've stopped using that service because, basically, since I stopped paying for all the freebies and whatnot, the Russian mob the folks who run the site have rendered the experience unbearable with their goddamned ads, instability, and assorted other chicanery. I may someday port that journal's content over here, just so it isn't lost, but that journal was strictly friends-only, being of an intensely personal nature, and until I can drag it over here and slap it behind a privacy wall, I'm content to just let it sit there and bit-rot. I'm a much different person since I was then, and no longer have any cares about such bullshit as "privacy." I certainly don't want the crap I spouted there to be publicly accessible--I don't think anyone in their right mind would care to read it in the first place--but, in the interest of providing for future biographers and/or eulogists and/or personality reconstruction engineers, I'm not going to simply delete it.

In the meantime, here I am. Come find me.


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